Telenor launches dedicated tracking solutions venture with DyreID

In 2020, Telenor launched Mitt Spor, an IoT-based tracking service that provides a comprehensive overview of your pet’s location. Now, Telenor is separating the business to focus exclusively on tracking services. Collaborating in this venture with DyreID, owned by the Norwegian Veterinary Association.

The new company will be named Telenor Tracking Solutions and will become part of the Telenor Amp portfolio, which currently consists of 16 companies with a combined value of 10 to 15 billion Norwegian kroner.

“Telenor has a rich history of cultivating successful collaborations and partnerships. Mitt Spor started small, but we see potential for further growth and partnerships. That’s why we are now spinning off both the service and the IoT team from Telenor Norway,” said Dan Ouchterlony, a head of Telenor Amp.

In Norway, over 95%of pet owners use ID tagging, where a chip with a unique ID under the skin is linked to owner information. By integrating DyreID into Mitt Spor, the product will have a database utilised through advanced technology that combines Telenor’s mobile network with GPS and motion tracking technology.

Telenor Amp is investing 25 million Norwegian kroner in the new company and will be the majority owner, while DyreID will be a minority owner. The company will be led by Andreas Johnsen, who has extensive experience in Telenor in IoT and business development.

Significant Market Potential

Mitt Spor allows real-time tracking of pets and provides alerts if your furry friend is on the loose, among other features. Since its launch in 2020, Telenor has continuously worked with thousands of customers to enhance the service. In the future, the company plans to launch a new tracking device for cats.

“Telenor has a leading IoT position in the Nordic region, and by establishing this company, we are strengthening our commitment. With the establishment of Telenor Tracking Solutions, we will focus on developing tracking services. Ultimately, we have ambitions to build a holistic ecosystem to ensure the safety, health and well-being of pets,” said Ouctherlony.

Optimal Tracking Formula

DyreID has been operating the registry for ID tagging in Norway for almost 30 years. Over 95% of dog owners in Norway use ID tagging. By integrating DyreID into Mitt Spor, the result is a product with robust and anticipated answers.

“By combining ID tagging with Mitt Spor, it provides pet owners with the best and safest tracking and retrieval solution. Now that we are bringing in fresh capital and increasing the momentum, we will be able to further develop the product and incorporate more features for different pets. This contributes to giving pet owners extra security and experiencing less stressful situations,” said Gudbrand Lie Vatn, CEO of DyreID.

Mitt Spor provides continuous tracking of the dog’s location and activity level. In addition, the tracking device is connected to DyreID’s national database for pets.

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