TIM creates new unit to grow in the IoT market

Rio de Janeiro, March 2024 – With the largest Internet of Things network in the country as a differentiator, TIM, the leading operator in 5G and with 100% 4G coverage in Brazil, creates TIM Iot Solutions. The objective is to use its expertise to leverage the digital transformation of Brazilian industry and be the main enabler of new businesses using the internet of things, with a focus on Agribusiness, Utilities, Logistics and Industry 4.0, in accordance with the goal set by the company that established IoT as one of its strategic pillars last year.

The operator wants to grow driven by the forecast increase in IoT revenues in Brazil, which will be four times greater in five years, considering the period from 2022 to 2027. Therefore, TIM IoT Solutions, a front that brings together the vast and differentiated portfolio of The company’s IoT is dedicated to the digitalization of processes, operational automation and productive efficiency of its corporate clients.

“Connectivity is fundamental to enabling IoT. And, with TIM IoT Solutions, we combine the expertise acquired in partnerships with leading companies in their segments with our infrastructure, which is the largest in the country. In an unprecedented move in the market, TIM enters a new level by enabling end-to-end digital transformation for our customers, going beyond connectivity. Just as we did in Agribusiness, we want to be protagonists in the Utilities, Logistics and Industry 4.0 segments”, announces the VP of Revenue, Fabio Avellar.

The results prove that TIM has been boosting productivity in essential sectors of Brazilian industry: contracts have already totaled more than R$300 million in revenue in the last 18 months. And, in line with the company’s ESG pillar, important social impacts can be observed, such as the digital inclusion of more than 1.3 million people in the countryside and thousands more in communities, public schools and health units, which are nearby to covered areas.

Leader in Agribusiness, with teams of agronomists

Leader in 4G coverage in the countryside, with more than 16 million hectares connected, TIM was the first operator to focus on agribusiness, a sector that represents a quarter of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The pioneering spirit in rural coverage has been going on since 2018, with the creation of the 4G TIM no Campo project, which innovated by using the same technology from the city to the countryside through the 4G network at 700MHz, with broad reach and lower cost for producers. From then on, TIM became a reference in the sector, with everything from agronomists on its teams to partnerships with more than 30 main Brazilian agribusiness groups, such as São Martinho, BP Bunge, Citrosuco, Amaggi, Adecoagro, among others.

Furthermore, with the mission of bringing connectivity to the entire Brazilian countryside and supporting Brazil’s development, TIM is a co-founder of the ConectarAGRO initiative, along with other large companies, references in their field of activity.

From roads to connected ports and Smart Cities

Through partnerships with concessionaires CCR RioSP, EcoRodovias, EPR and Grupo Way Brasil, TIM has also become a reference in road connectivity, including the country’s largest road axis, where more than 50% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) ) is transported. The operator currently covers over 4,500 km of concession highways.

In Utilities, the company has 150,000 public lighting points installed across the country, boosting “Smart Cities”. In 2022, the company developed the TIM Smart Lighting solution for remote management of public lighting in Brazilian municipalities. Our clients are Public Lighting PPPs (Public-Private Partnerships) such as: Engie and IPSul, the operator already serves the cities of Porto Alegre, Curitiba, Santa Luzia, Uberaba, among others.

It also has expertise in 5G private network projects, such as at Brasil Terminal Portuário (BTP), in logistics, and at Stellantis, in Industry 4.0, with the first 5G pilot in an industrial plant in Brazil. Also in the latter sector, the operator provides connectivity to mining companies, such as Anglo American. It is also worth mentioning that the company launched the TIM IoT Platform solution, which allows you to connect and manage different machines and industrial equipment, providing a single interface for monitoring the entire industrial plant.

According to an estimate by ISG Provider Lens™, for example, there is a prospect that 27.1 billion devices will be connected in Brazil by 2025. And, according to a study by the International Data Corporation (IDC) by the end of 2024, 50% of companies should be in the planning stages or proof of concept for IoT projects.

“To give you an idea, in Agribusiness, the total area of cultivation and livestock farming in the country is 350 million hectares. In the Logistics sector, 55 thousand kilometers of highways will be auctioned for mandatory connectivity in a total of 1.7 million km of roads. In Utilities, there is a forecast of more than 15 million lighting posts in PPPs by 2026. Internally, we already have a robust team of specialists working on the development of new E2E (End-to-end) solutions with the mission of making leading company in IoT solutions in these four verticals”, concludes Avelar.

BETC HAVAS was the agency responsible for creating the TIM IOT Solutions concept, which emerged due to TIM’s leading role in the IoT market. The new naming seeks to reflect the robustness of the portfolio, aimed at contributing to the digital transformation of companies. “The Internet of Things is becoming one of the most important technologies in our society. It is a global trend that is increasingly gaining new followers, especially large companies. TIM is a reference in IoT solutions and offers the best services for its customers. Innovation and pioneering spirit were our starting points in this project”, says Flávia Braga, General Director of BETC HAVAS Rio de Janeiro.

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