Top 10 MedTech Companies List in London UK in 2024

Top 10 MedTech Companies List in London UK in 2024


The medical technology (MedTech) sector is an essential part of healthcare innovation, especially in tech-forward cities like London. As of 2024, London has emerged as a hub for MedTech companies that leverage cutting-edge technology to improve patient care, streamline healthcare services, and enhance medical diagnostics and treatments. This article will explore the top 10 MedTech companies in London, highlighting their contributions to medical science and patient care, and providing insights into how these companies are shaping the future of healthcare.

1. BenevolentAI

Use Case: Leveraging AI to accelerate drug discovery and development processes.

Description: BenevolentAI stands at the forefront of AI-driven drug discovery, focusing on using artificial intelligence to understand complex biological processes and accelerate the pace of innovation in medicine. Their platform integrates AI with a vast biomedical knowledge graph to generate insights that can lead to more effective treatments.

Website: BenevolentAI

2. Babylon Health

Use Case: Providing virtual healthcare services and consultations via AI.

Description: Babylon Health offers a comprehensive, artificially intelligent healthcare service accessible via smartphone or desktop, where patients can consult with healthcare professionals through video calls. Their AI also helps triage patient symptoms to direct them to the appropriate care.

Website: Babylon Health

3. BioBeats

Use Case: Focus on mental health and well-being using data-driven insights.

Description: BioBeats is a digital health and artificial intelligence company that focuses on creating applications that use AI to manage stress and improve the user’s mental well-being. Their approach combines data from wearables with AI to provide personalized health insights.

Website: BioBeats

4. Thriva

Use Case: Home health testing and health data management.

Description: Thriva offers a proactive health service that allows individuals to track and improve their health long-term. They provide home blood tests and online reports compiled with the assistance of medical professionals, enabling users to understand and manage their health data effectively.

Website: Thriva

5. Medopad

Use Case: Remote patient monitoring and personalized healthcare.

Description: Medopad, recently rebranded as Huma, uses mobile technology and data-driven insights to monitor patients’ health conditions remotely. This helps in managing chronic diseases and also supports elderly care by predicting health deterioration before it becomes critical.

Website: Huma

6. Echo

Use Case: Prescription medication management and delivery app.

Description: Echo is a pharmacy app that manages prescriptions and delivers medications directly to the patient’s home, ensuring they do not miss doses. The app simplifies the management of prescription medications, improving adherence and patient outcomes.

Website: Echo

7. CMR Surgical

Use Case: Innovations in robotic surgery to enhance surgical precision.

Description: CMR Surgical develops the Versius robotic system, designed to mimic human arm movements, thus providing surgeons with greater accuracy, flexibility, and control during procedures. This technology aims to make surgery safer and less invasive.

Website: CMR Surgical

8. DNAe

Use Case: Genomic analysis for rapid diagnostics.

Description: DNA Electronics (DNAe) is developing its genomics-based platform to provide rapid, laboratory-quality diagnostic testing on a single device. Their technology focuses on identifying infections and their resistances faster than traditional methods, thus improving treatment options.

Website: DNAe

9. Lumeon

Use Case: Care pathway management through automation.

Description: Lumeon provides a platform that automates healthcare pathways, coordinating care delivery across multiple settings to ensure all care providers follow a unified plan. This reduces inefficiencies and improves patient outcomes by ensuring continuous and coordinated care.

Website: Lumeon

10. Owlstone Medical

Use Case: Early detection of diseases through breath analysis.

Description: Owlstone Medical has developed a breathalyzer for disease detection. Their technology analyzes volatile organic compounds in breath to offer early diagnosis of conditions like cancer, inflammatory and infectious diseases, thus enabling earlier interventions.

Website: Owlstone Medical


The MedTech industry in London continues to thrive, driven by a combination of technological advancements, entrepreneurial spirit, and robust healthcare needs. These top 10 companies are just a snapshot of the innovation happening in the city, reflecting a broader trend towards more personalized, efficient, and patient-centered healthcare solutions. As these technologies develop, they promise not only to improve the quality of life for patients but also to transform the landscape of healthcare services worldwide.


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