Telefónica, 10 years leading IoT managed services, according to Gartner

Telefónica, which provides IoT services through Telefónica Tech, holds a strong presence in Europe and Latin America, serving diverse sectors like energy, automotive, retail, manufacturing, agriculture, and transportation, and experiencing strong double-digit growth in global IoT connections. The company provides LPWA network solutions for utility sectors like water and lighting, as well as innovative 5G and edge computing deployments in Spain, Germany, and Latin America. Additionally, it offers MVNO capabilities, several connectivity options including satellite, and operates TheThinX, an open lab for simulating IoT projects before deployment.

According to Alfredo Serret, Global Head of IoT at Telefónica Tech: “It is very gratifying to receive this recognition for the tenth consecutive time because we believe that it reaffirms us as a global IoT connectivity player. We continue to evolve our capabilities, incorporating artificial intelligence along with other technologies, to enhance its benefits and continue to offer the best service to our customers”.

Telefónica is firmly committed to integrating artificial intelligence both in its own platforms and in comprehensive projects aimed at making customer processes more efficient. In this regard, the company incorporates artificial intelligence in its Kite platform, which allows companies to remotely control and monitor their connected devices at any time and place, as well as in technological solutions developed to optimise decision-making, data analysis and demand prediction or for the automation of processes and tasks (among others).

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