Telit Cinterion Teams with Digi International and Nokia to Transform IoT Connectivity with 5G RedCap Integration

WAN aggregation and seamless failover

Digi International’s Digi EX15 offers affordable, primary or backup enterprise connectivity for office, retail, and branch networks that cannot tolerate network downtime. With the Digi CORE Plug-in Modem, dual Ethernet and Wi-Fi, Digi EX15 offers flexible connectivity for enterprise networking.
Additional features of Digi EX15 include:
Compact and economical cellular routing platform for enterprise networksZero-touch provisioning and cloud management with Digi Remote Manager®Serial port for remote, out-of-band managementDigi WAN Bonding value-added service for WAN aggregation and seamless failoverInitiated in 2023, Telit Cinterion’s collaboration with Digi International and Nokia is indicative of the industry’s unity in supporting the mainstream introduction of 5G for IoT. Telit Cinterion, Digi and Nokia are at the forefront of this monumental shift, focusing their collective efforts on shaping the future of industrial connectivity.
The state-of-the-art 5G RedCap modules and devices sampled at MWC Barcelona will be available for commercial purchase during the second half of 2024.
“This collaboration represents an incredible achievement in the evolution of 5G mid-speed industrial connectivity,” said Harald Remmert, CTO of Managed Solutions, Digi International. “The integration of Telit Cinterion’s 5G RedCap modules into our routers showcases our commitment to providing industry-leading and future-proof solutions for IoT applications.”
“Nokia has played a significant role in driving industry standards and the adoption of RedCap technology. We are committed to supporting the growth of the ecosystem to enable the further development of 5G industrial and enterprise applications. This joint live demonstration highlights the seamless integration of Digi’s routers powered by Telit Cinterion’s 5G RedCap modules with our 5G networks,” commented Ari Kynäslahti, Head of Strategy and Technology at Nokia Mobile Networks.
“We are proud to be leading the charge in 5G IoT solutions,” said Manish Watwani, Chief Marketing and Product Officer, Telit Cinterion.
“The integration of 5G RedCap technology into Digi International’s routers is reflective of our commitment to providing cutting-edge, high-performance connectivity for the evolving needs of the IoT landscape.”

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