How 5G, IoT and Generative AI Are Revolutionizing the Telco Industry

A recent survey by EY explores how emerging technologies such as 5G, generative AI, and IoT are transforming the telecommunications industry.

The survey, which looked at 1,405 enterprises from 20 countries, examined industry perspectives of the technologies, how companies are adopting them, and the challenges that remain to widespread uptake. 

According to EY, these emerging technologies are driving a “seismic shift” in how businesses operate, and companies have to keep up with the rapid pace of change or risk getting left behind.

AI and Automation Pull Ahead

When it comes to the adoption of emerging technologies, AI and automation ranked first in terms of investment interest, though generative AI is emerging as a major sector set to pull ahead in the next few years.

SOURCE: https://www.iotworldtoday.com/connectivity/how-5g-iot-and-genai-are-revolutionizing-the-telco-industry#close-modal

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