Local and central government back £2.5m investment in Glasgow IoT

Public and private partners have put funding into a major new facility which aims to make Scotland’s largest city Europe’s foremost centre for innovation in the field of connected technology

A new partnership supported by multiple public bodies aims to help Glasgow become Europe’s leading hub for internet of things technology. 

The UK government has joined Glasgow City Council and the Smart Things Accelerator Centre (STAC) to develop a new facility to kickstart efforts to make the city an innovation hotspot.  A total £2.5m investment – comprised of public and private funding – will help create the state-of-the-art site named ‘thebeyond’ which will “attract international investment”, according to chief executive of STAC Paul Wilson. 

He said: “Glasgow can be a powerhouse in the key technologies that will enhance life and industry for the next decades. Glasgow has all the elements – talent, innovation, and a collaborative spirit – needed to lead in what is known as the ‘Era of Things’. We believe we are on the cusp of something extraordinary.” 

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The 250-desk site will be located at the Skypark building in Finnieston. By focusing on industrial, lifestyle, health, and sustainability technologies, partners believe Scotland’s largest city could lead in areas including AI, robots, and nanotech. 

Looking to have up to 100 companies operational by the end of the year, the initiative aims to bring significant economic, social, and environmental impacts.  

Deputy leader of Glasgow City Council Ricky Bell, said: “We will empower Glasgow’s start-ups to hone their technologies here and then compete internationally, enhancing our position on the global tech stage and bringing a great number of new jobs and careers in this sector.”

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